The Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics issued Circular No. 2399 on August the 5th 2013, which defines slot allocation procedures and criteria in international airport systems of the Kingdom of Morocco based on the recommendations of the airport's coordination committee CMN and RBA of 17 June 2013, to qualify CMN and RBA fully coordinated airports (Level 3 IATA).
This was in response to the sharp increase demand observed on all airports of the Kingdom of Morocco after the implementation of the open sky policy between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco. The rapid growth of movements and traffic resulted in severe congestion at CMN airport.

Since the signing of the agreement of "Open Sky", Morocco has experienced a sharp traffic increase in the main moroccan airports with an annual average growth of 13% between 2005 and 2013.

Specifically, Casablanca airport, which recorded significant traffic increases, was affected by congestion problems in recent years.

Rabat Salé airport is also facing traffic management problems. This mixed airport open to civilian and military flights receives also many official and VIP flights as well as business aviation flights. Given its proximity to Casablanca, it is used as an alternate.

This situation lead to the congestion of the airport system Casablanca-Rabat, resulting in poor service, low punctuality and service quality problems. In addition, passenger comfort is strongly impacted at the check-in counters, immigration and security, boarding facilities as well as luggage delivery. Such constraints were penalizing the development of air traffic in the Kingdom of Morocco and the quality of service provided.

To adress these important issues, the Government decided to organize traffic in order to meet current and future needs of air carriers serving the Kingdom of Morocco in optimal conditions by designating Casablanca Mohammed V and Rabat Salé IATA Level 3 coordinated airports and by appointing a Coordinator and setting up a Coordination Committee.

In this new vision, the airports of Casablanca and Rabat / Salé are considered as an airport system in order to optimize the organization of slots between them.