Moroccan slots monitor


17 june 2013  : Recommandation of the coordination committee of CMN airport.
05 august 2013  : Circular n°2399 defining slot allocation process and criteria in coordinated airports of the Kingdom of Morocco.
28 august 2013  : Constitution of Moroccan Slots Coordinator, as a non profit association under Dahir n°1-58-376, as the coordinator.
30 august 2013 : Decision n°2668 DGAC/MET designating CMN and RBA airports as fully coordinated airports (Level 3 IATA) starting from IATA summer 2014 season everyday from 06h00 local time to 23h00 local time.
30 august 2013 : Communication to IATA of the new status of CMN and RBA airports.
31 august 2013 : Appointment of a Coordinator and starting of the coordination activities.
3 october 2013 : Notification to airlines by IATA of the change of status of CMN and RBA airports.
15 november 2013 : Membership of Moroccan Slots Coordinator to World Wide Airport Coordinators Group (WWACG).