Slots Allocation Process

  • Sending historic schedule for each airline.

The historic schedule for each airline is based on the results of the slot monitoring (Use it or lose it rule).
Summer historics (SHL) are sent in september Winter historics (SHL) are sent in april.

  • Capacity declaration

Coordinator is notified by Airport autorithy through Civil Aviation of the airport capacities and parameters to be used for each season.
Coordination parameters (Runway, Check’in, Gate, Parking, Immigration, Security) are communicated to airlines.

  • Schedule submission by airlines

Airline schedule requests are submitted on the schedule submission deadline sent by IATA.
Mid May for Winter season and mid October for Summer season.

  • Initial coordination

Initially all historics slots and changes versus historics are allocated. Changes versus historics which cannot be allocated as is are rescheduled as closed to required time.
Once historic and changed historic schedules have been accomodated, any new capacity is added to the coordination process. The allocation of the slot pool is done according to priorities fixed by Circular n°2399 and IATA rules.

  • SAL distribution

After the initial coordination, a SAL message is sent to each airline in standard format showing the slots allocated vs the slots requested and the reasons for the changes if any.
For Winter season, SAL are sent in June.
For Summer season, SAL are sent by end of October.

  • IATA Slot Conference

The main objectif of the IATA Slot Conference is to agree the slots allocation for the coming season between airlines and the coordinators for airports around the world.

  • Post Conference Activity

The communication between the coordinator and the airlines on slot matters continues after the IATA Slots Conference and during the operating season as the airlines modify their schedule.

  • Slots Release Deadline

For Winter Season : 15 August
For Summer Season : 15 January

  • Historic Baseline Deadline

For Winter Season : 31th August
For Summer Season : 31th January