Moroccan slots monitor


Slot Monitoring at coordinated airports is an ongoing process designed to ensure the efficient use of airport capacity, high level of service quality and optimization of the slot coordination process.
The aim is to differentiate between intentional slot misuse and normal variations in flight operations as recommended by IATA and consistent with Circular No. 2399 of August 5, 2013.

Moroccan Slots Coordinator has established a process of slot monitoring with the following objectives :

  • Comply with Circular No. 2399 of August 5, 2013 and IATA WSG recommandations
  • Ensure that airlines respect allocated slots within normal operations variation
  • Prevent slot misuse
  • flights operated without authorized slot,
  • slots allowed with non-operated flights,
  • flights operated with unauthorized conditions (in terms of scheduling, aircraft type, service type, etc.)
  • and flight cancellations without respect for deadlines provided
  • Improve the process through communication with airlines.

Moroccan Slots Coordinator communicates regularly with the airlines, airport authorities and air traffic authorities when deviations are found especially in case of repeated and intentional operation of air services with significant difference from the allocated slots or with the use of slots in a significantly different way from that stated at the time of allocation.
Slot Monitoring provide data for determination of historics which shall be used for the initiation of the coordination process.